The Robotic Systems Machinery Trading Ltd (RSMT Ltd) company is a qualified integrator of industrial robots and industrial process automation technologies. The experience and knowledge accumulated by the team over 12 years of fruitful work allow us to provide engineering services and implement technical solutions for automating production processes of almost any complexity, using the achievements of modern robotics and industrial automation. Solutions for automation of technological processes significantly increase the efficiency of production and provide improved quality and reduced production costs.

Robotic Systems Machines Trading Ltd (RSMT) is:
  • Experienced engineering skills in robotic solutions – of more than 10 years
  • Own design engineering department
  • Over 950 m2 of production and office area
  • Downstream guarantee of parent company

Whenever you meet a PROBLEM of improving your production site, you start to look for SOLUTION and we are ready to help you with our ROBOTIC SOLUTION to:
  • make an audit of production process and to find the weak link in the chain
  • prepare the project concept
  • design of all elements of a robotic complex
  • design and to manufacture of technological equipment
  • assembly and installation of a robotic complex
  • programming
  • testing the technology
  • commissioning

What you get ?
  • Increase in production capacity
  • Accurate (high-precision) production process
  • Safe production… Please learn more from our experince projects .
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